Monday, January 14, 2008

Recommended Mac Freeware: URLWell

I've already mentioned three indispensible Mac freeware programs: Mainmenu for system cleaning and maintenance, Menushade for dimming the menubar, and AntiRSI for preventing repetitive stress injuries while programming. I have also recommended freeware options for text editing, either Textwrangler or Smultron.

Another tool I use daily is URLWell:
It's a small menubar icon that allows you to drag urls in for later viewing. This is tremendously useful for things you'd like to remember, but have no desire to bookmark permanently. Here's what it looks like (it's the @ symbol):

Picture 1.jpg.

Suppose I've found a piece of software that I may want to download later. I can just add the link to URLWell by dragging and dropping:

Picture 3.jpg

Now when I click on URLwell, it has a list of all of the sites I've marked:

Picture 2.jpg

There are several nice options to clean up your list. You can export an HTML file with links, a text list, or just open all of the pages in separate browser tabs:

There are no keyboard shortcuts, which is too bad, but the interface couldn't be simpler. Urls can be dragged from other applications: I most frequently use this to move blog posts from NetNewsWire for later reading.

Apparently the developer of URLWell disappeared, much to the consternation of the Mac universe. So a kind-hearted web citizen is currently hosting a site for downloading URLWell.

URLWell link from

I'm completely satisfied with URLWell, but if you are looking for more full-featured bookmarking software, the developer of Smultron has developed a similar bookmarking program called Hallon. The advantage - or disadvantage, depending on how you see it - of Hallon is that you can bookmark anything: emails, iTunes songs, blog posts, Finder folders. That might be a little more than I need right now, though I'm intrigued by the idea.

If you're wondering about the names, Smultron means "Strawberry" in Swedish, so his other programs are Hallon (raspberry) and Lingon (lingonberry, a Scandinavian fruit you may recognize from IKEA jams).

I'm going to add a freeware link list on the side of the site. Not all of them will be Stata-related, but I think they can all be helpful to Mac users.

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dolly chaudhary said...

There is a reason why I bought a Mac, it was not to be one of the cool kids that wanted the best of the best. No it was because of the music production I do on it. Hours and hours sitting in front of my Mac copying, pasting, moving, deleting, hour after hour just beating on my Mac in a endless assault to get my work done. That is the key part, my work. I work from home, it is great, but even if it is from home it is still work and it still needs to get done. So my Mac, I have it because it is fast, gets the job done and comes back for more.

But what happens when it doesn't want to do those things anymore?

I move around massive amounts of information and yes even on the almighty Mac this can cause a problem after a while. Things fragment, programs get corrupted issues come up. My light speed Mac slows down to a crawl and all of the sudden I simply can not get any work done. Because I work from home there is no IT guy to call and ask to come fix it. No instead I have to figure out what is wrong. I am lucky, I did, but not after trying everything under the sun first and wasting countless hours looking for one program that can do what I needed instead of ten programs. One program to lead them all….okay that was a lame Lord of the rings reference, but that program was/is Detox My Mac. A simple to use program that did not just fix my issues, it put my Mac on overdrive again. A few clicks and my Mac was clean and ready to rock and roll again.

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