Monday, January 7, 2008

More on Mac (and other) Text Editors

I posted a short message about this website on Statalist the other day. I got a few responses, including one from Kit Baum, a professor at Boston College and a Stata Mac guru par excellence. He suggested I add a link to the Boston College Stata text editors page, so I'm doing so, both on the sidebar and in this post:

Notes on Stata Text Editors - Boston College

If you prefer Aquamacs or Smultron to Textwrangler, there's good information here on integration within OS X. The site also contains a lot of general information if you're working cross-platform. My university - and I suspect many others - has a remote PC log-in system where you can use a client like Citrix or Remote Desktop Connect to get into a Windows or Unix system on campus. So I'm necessarily switching to Windows XP temporarily to run larger jobs (the network computers have Stata/MP, the largest version of Stata).

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