Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Coming Up Next: 5 Advanced Mac/Stata Tips

In the next posts, I'll cover some more advanced techniques:

  1. Using Quicksilver to quickly insert commands in a text file
  2. Integrating the TextWrangler services menu
  3. Setting up suffix mapping in TextWrangler
  4. Using DocumentPalette to open Stata template files
  5. Modifying Stata graph output

(Quicksilver, TextWrangler and DocumentPalette are freeware programs that work on any version of OS X.)

I'm also planning to add an RSS feed button, improved formatting and hopefully some advice from more senior Mac gurus.

1 comment:

adrien said...

I know that you haven't updated this blog for a while but I still have a question for you about stata on mac. You seem to know much more than I do and you have apparently followed the integration of stata on mac from the beggining. I have a very annoying problem with stata on mac: conversely to the one on windows, it seems impossible to "run" only few lines in a do file: each time I try to run just a couple of lines, the program runs the totality of the do file. Since I am working with a very big do file, it is almost impossible for me to use stata on my mac. Are you facing the same problem? have you any idea how to solve it?

Thank you very much for you answer